What's so bad about being an alcoholic?

I'm an alcoholic, I simply love drinking. I'm aware of the health risks but I'm not trying to live to 100.

So my question is What's so bad about being an alcoholic? I'm told a lot of comments like "don't drink too much", I never drink enough to give myself alcohol poisoning but I do get drunk a lot.

What's the big deal about it? Why do people care so much? I'm not hurting anybody, it's my own choice to drink because I love it.



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  • i think it just has a bad stigma. lots of people are known to do stupid things when drunk, and hurt the people they love. people are probably just quick to judge and iffy about it because theyve been hurt in the past or just simply don't like the fact that people do it. people tend to care a lot about other peoples lives too.. sometimes more than their own lol


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  • Your liver won't stay healthy.
    You can't drive an drink.
    You can't get rid of it.
    You'll be a major PITA for those near you.


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  • Personally I would never want to be with someone who gets drunk all the time.
    Good luck finding someone who is okay with dating a person who is already an alcoholic

    • I don't need any girls.

    • Well I guess if you're okay with the health problems, your boss finding out, and things getting out of hand then go for it. It's your life

  • I highly doubt your family would agree that your actions are not hurting them. Whatever. Do you. No skin off my nose if you drink yourself to death.

  • I think you are looking at it from a self-centered point of view. It's not always about YOU. It's not about your health risks.

    People don't usually date or marry alcoholics because it can affect the entire family (kids, wife, work, home life) and tears families apart. I know because my dad and grandfather were very heavy drinkers.


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  • Kill yourself if you want. That's what you are doing. You probably aren't an alcoholic yet at your age. But you might be well on your way.

    The effects of long term heavy drinking can be pretty fucking nasty though. The longer you go, the more you are addicted. Now, you probably do it by choice. In the future that choice is taken from you.

    Then it eats you from the inside until you're hauled away in an ambulance because your insides are eaten up and you're laying in a puddle of blood. Then they'll tell you to either quit or die. They will mean it quite literally. Now, you have some choice which of those options you choose. In the future that choice might be taken from you.

    Just in case you happen to think it's fun laying in a puddle of blood because there's nothing left of your guts, what girl in her right mind would want to be with an alcoholic? For any girl with any sense that would be a deal breaker. I'm not even going to get into domestic violence with alcoholics.

    You might think you are fine now. But you are just a babe in the woods. You might think you know what's in store for you, but you don't. You aren't going to like it... at all.

  • You might be high functioning now... but health risks aside (and they can catch up much sooner than you think) there is the risk of a serious slide into an uncontrollable addiction that will destroy your life and hurt the people you care about.

    Yes, I am drinking Guinness as I write this.

    • Don't you think "destroy your life" is a little dramatic?

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    • Asker, I think if you were to ask anyone who'd gone to AA meetings you'd find they agreed with that assessment. Have you ever seen how much an actual alcoholic drinks?


      I like booze too, I drank a lot more when I was younger, but I realised it was just money pissed up the wall, bad for my health and weight, and that I was self-medicating for bigger issues in my life. It's still fun, but I have seriously cut down.

      @Kris85 Is that any good? I had some limited edition thing of theirs this summer (I think it was peach somethingorother) and it was pretty good on a hot afternoon. The Lime Cherry is my favourite, though.

    • Yes it's very good. I could drink a whole case and hardly be buzzed. I'm onto paralyzers now lol.

  • My cousin died at age 33 of alcohol related heart disease (alcoholic cardiomyopathy). He was unable to hold a job, he lost his driver's license and he shit his pants all the time. Alcoholism is a slow disgraceful death.

    What part of being an alcoholic is attractive to you?

  • I love drinking too, but that doesn't make me an alcoholic.

    Is alcohol a priority in your life? Can you go through a whole day without a drink?

    Ultimately you're throwing your life and money away. Sure you might think it's all cool and dandy, but you're setting yourself up for early death, debt and loneliness.

    Why not give it up?

  • Well apart from the health issues, eg. destroying your liver, bad for memory etc.
    If you're drunk, you aren't fully aware of your surroundings (dangerous if near road), you tend to say things you'll later forget and regret saying.
    There are more... but if you want to drink you are free to do itπŸ‘
    Hope i helped youπŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ

  • Hangovers. That's about it.

  • My uncle was an alcoholic.
    He liver was shot at age 40.
    He was a selfless prick, and all he ever cared about was getting his drink.
    Everything else was secondary, including his friends, family, wife and kids.
    Of course, he couldn't hold a job because of it.
    In all, he was a fucking loser.

  • Do what you want, but you're just an addict that's why you can't see the flaws.