How do I get my friend out of the gate?

I need quick legit responses. Her dumb self was trying to get through the bars because she can't open it since it's after curfew. Now she's stuck because she tried to be ghetto and squeeze through the bars and her booty is too big and we can't get her out. Its so funny, but she has to get out 😂😂


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  • Well, you know she got part in, so that part should be able to go back from whence it came. Pulling helps.

    • They're trying to pull but now her boobs won't get through her bra is blocking her from pushing out

    • Slip the bra off. You know the routine. If need be, cut it off. Next off with any removable clothes. Leave the shoes on for traction. Pull on the gates (carefully) to see if there is any give.

    • Be very careful that the gates don't swing in a way that puts pressure on her rib cage. If she shows ANY signs of being short of breath call emergency services.

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  • Oh man 😂 I have no idea, I just found this funny.

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