Is Couchsurfing safe?

Hosting people or surfing. Have you ever tried it, and if so how was it?


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  • It might not be too safe, you being a girl and all
    hosting people is much more dangerous in my opinion
    i would never partake in it

    • I'd never host people I don't know quite well unless they were recommended by someone I trust.
      I' feel I'm resourceful enough and have enough insight to go couch surfing, didn't do it yet.

    • @jacquesvol i would rather not take my chances, i dont trust people

    • I understand you. Most rapists are not unknown people hiding in the bushes but people known to the victim.

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  • not very safe.


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  • I've done it a bunch of times. I never had a problem.

    But Im also extremely open minded, stubborn, and strong willed. There will be moments where the tenant might take advantage of the situation (not rape. Well for me.) Just have to know how to say no politely and ALWAYS have a backup plan.

    Safest to surf with families or households with female majority.