How can you get rid of acne scars?

I don't have too many but I have a few that I want to get rid of. I also have very sensitive skin so nothing too harsh please.


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  • Don't bath too often, as hot/warm water can irritate
    and dry out your skin, also remember to wash your face
    off with a lukewarm towel after every bath, and everytime
    you've been sweating.

    Of course, eating healthy keeps the
    skin from oiling up as well as preventing
    pores from clogging.

    You can also make a DIY mask.

    Grab a bowl and in order:
    1 teaspoon Cider Vinegar
    2 teaspoons Cooled-down green tea
    5 teaspoons Sugar
    Stir to mix
    and add 1 teaspoon Honey
    Stir to mix again, and add 2 more teaspoons of Sugar
    to made the mixture thicker.

    Transfer to a bottle of suitable size
    and place in your fridge.

    Make sure your face is clean
    before applying the mask.

    Use a cotton pad to swipe the mask on
    (this makes it easier for the skin to absorb
    all the nutrients.)

    Evenly distribute the mask, and when you're happy with it
    use your fingertips to massage your face, in circle motions
    this'll remove dead skin cells and scar tissue.

    Keep gently massaging for 2-5minutes

    Let the mask sit for about 10minutes.

    Exfoliate, and pat your face dry
    effects should be almost immediate.

    The reason this works is mostly the Cider Vinegar
    which has vitamins and chemicals that are really good
    for our skin.

    For one, it dissolves dead skin cells
    and even scar tissue. ^.^


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  • Don't use scrub or exfoliating brush on the acne... go with pads instead.

    Before I mention products, avoid dairy products, and I think sugar also has a role in acne. Search on that. Basically watch what you eat.

    Vitamin b12 tablet
    Magnesium oil spray (spray some on the the back of your hand and rub it. Don't spray it on your face. Search it on Google.)

    Wheatgrass powder
    Chia seeds
    Vitamin c powder (all these 5products will help if your acne is hormonal, I think.)

    Here are some products recommended for acne skin...

    I am not saying use all of them at once. Look at the ingredients/see which one works for your skin.

    Steps: cleanse/exfoliate (pads), tone, mask, serum, spot treatment, moisturizer, spf.

    Dr. Gross peal pads
    Philosophy clear days ahead
    Skin and pharmacy acne wipes
    Murad clarifying mask
    Paula's choice clear wash
    Murad spot treatment
    Clinique spot treatment
    PTR BHA acne wash
    Dr. Gross oil free moisturizer
    Clinique oil free gel
    Kate Somerville toner


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