How do I deal with this?

I am crying so hard because I think that my tooth is dead. I am just so sad. How do I deal with this humiliation and depression?

I meant to say my nerve in the tooth.
It might discolor. I am also starting a new school in the fall.


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  • It's not really clear from your question what exactly the problem is. Why is it humiliating to have a dead nerve in your tooth? Why is it depressing? Is it impacting what your teeth look like? Is it causing you pain?

    You don't really need those nerves seemingly. Unless there is an infection of some sort or some other problem you're worried about you might actually be better off in a way.


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  • teeth dont die...


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  • Hey talk to your dentist and get its rotten root drilled out and replace the tooth. other wise it may get infected. NOT trying to scare you worse just suggesting a way to fix your situation.


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