Dared to shave legs?

I shaved my legs because of a dare and i used a new razor and my legs are red itchy and bumpy they really hurt. At first i was like ok not so bad but now i can't ignore it any more i tried aloe and its not working. My legs really hurt. Im 15 by the way i can't just go out and buy itching cream I DONT KNOW HOW YOU GIRLS DO IT HELP!!!


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  • Run as hot a bath as you can stand and soak for a good 15 minutes. Then you get your legs really soapy and *gently* use a washcloth to exfoliate in clockwise and counter clockwise over all the problem areas. Then soak another like 5 minutes. Pat dry your legs and moisturize. Do NOT pick at any of the bumps or it will take twice as long to heal.

    The problem isn't going to go away overnight. You need to be kind to your skin and wait for it to heal and the hairs to grow out.

    • Omg thank you!!! Girls are so brave to do this all the time! It really hurt there until i did this. I don't know how u do it but wow thx!

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    • I think the razor went dull

    • That's no fun :/

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  • Just take the pain like a man and get over it; it's more fun to be in pain you know?

    • Lol Hey i went All day man i just want some sleep lol