Scented pillows, how to get the scent back?

I have a lavender scented pillow but the smell has already gone where as my sisters is still going strong. I was wondering how I could get the smell back, I was thinking of getting some lavender essential oils and putting a few drops into the pillow, would this work or if you have any other ideas would be great!


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  • I don't like putting oils in things because they don't really ever dry and can encourage mold etc..

    You can buy some sachets of dried lavender and toss one in the dryer with your laundry, keep some in your clothes, and others in the linen closet.


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  • Where did you get a lavender scented pillow?

    Try adding a few drops of lavender oil in your laundry detergent

    • It's just from a local homeware store

      I want the scent to be in the pillow not on the pillowcase

  • stick some lavender buds into your pillow and spray your pillow with lavender oil diluted in lavender water

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