Would I be selfish to move away?

I've been living with my grandparents for the past 2 years of college to save money. About a year ago my grandmother developed food intolerences since getting older. I know what makes her sick and I always make meals that are okay for her to eat. I also make sure she takes her pills everyday and I keep her company because my grandpa barely talks to her. My aunt, who hates me and refuses to listen to me, will come over when I'm not there and deliberately bring over foods that I have told her make my gradmother sick. My grandma has dimentia so she can't remember what makes her ill. My aunt hates that my grandmother ever let me stay there and is always accusing me of things and even trying to turn my mother against me. She goes though my drawers and my closet when I'm not home. She even told the neighbors lies about me. We got in a fight and have barely spoken since. Now, whenever my aunt shows up at my grandmother's home, I leave because I know it will become a fight. She is constantly badmouthing me to my entire family because she's jealous of my relationship with my grandmother. I'm tired of having to constantly watch to make sure she's not going to show up. I'm tired of trying to keep my grandmother healthy and then as soon as I turn my back my aunt makes her sick again. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle and I am miserable there.
I want to move into an apartment near my school so I can have some peace. I have been doing nothing for myself and everything for other people since I can remember and I'm not happy at all. I love my grandmother, but it kills me to be there when she's sick. I feel so guilty because she tells me all the time how I have made her so happy since I came to live with her, but she has no idea how depressed I am. I am only moving about an hour away, but I feel so guilty.
Would I be selfish to move away?


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  • Like I told you last time, I don't think it's a good long term plan for you. Just stick it out for one more school year. Talk to friends about crashing on their couch if you need a weekend away and talk to student health.