Which song is a better entrance song for fighting?

I've got my first fight coming up in a couple of months and I was told to pick out a song to hype my ass up.

Which song should I use out of the 4?






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  • What sort of fight?

    I'd actually recommend you find
    calming songs, not songs that
    will "hype you up".

    • Thats very vrue if your a rookie you can burn yourself out before you even step foot into the ring

    • MMA, and you'd have to give me examples since I'm not exactly a fan of calm songs of any genre.

    • The thing with fighting, is that the one who
      can keep a cool head, a calm mind and sharp senses
      will most of the time come out on top.

      Compared to the one who
      goes blind with rage.

      When I say calm songs, I don't mean like lullabies
      but you could listen to something like this:
      Serenata Immortale

      or perhaps Supernova www.youtube.com/watch

      I have a whole playlist with similar pieces
      I practice martial arts myself, and I've been
      in tournaments as well.

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