Can't give away the tickets, should I just not go?

I got tickets to this fan fest thing and just wondering if it's alright if the tickets aren't given in or something, consideing I can't mail them nor find anyone that I know who wants em. I can't go to the event anymore cause something important came up. So this is going to seem stupid but it's okay if the tickets aren't submitted/entered or whatever?


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  • Maybe go on Craig's list and try to sell them?
    good luck. xx

    • I actually won them :P so they're free. I think i'll try craig's list. But there is no harm in not having the tickets submitted at all, right?

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    • *To go with them I meant to say with these tickets that They would have given to you. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence and hope this helped!:)) xxoo

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  • Try selling them


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