My mother said my transexual friend wasn't marriage material?

so i was talking to my mother about school and my friend etc.. and she knows that one of my guy friend is a transexual man (from women to man). I told her that he and I were going to this show on Friday and that we are reading buddies.. and we were also talking about dating and stuff..

And then she said stuff like "You should hope he doesn't fall in love with you" and "hes not son-in-law material".. she said it with a playful voice.. but i dont know.. its was weird in a way..

How would you react if that was your mom? she's not a homophobe or against transexuals or anything.. but i think it has something do with reproduction or something.. she really wants gradchildren lol


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  • well are you gay if not than she is not marriage material for you.

    • you're mom is just being honest. you're friend is a female and there is nothing she can do to change that.

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    • oh you're one of those people... explains a lot

    • no im a scientist. that explains a lot.

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