Have you had a dream where you are falling?

What were you falling off?
What were you falling into?

For me, I've had a dream where I fell backwards off the edge of a volcano. I didn't see the magma, but I knew it was there. All I could see where the clouds...
Obviously I woke up absolutely terrified :)

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  • I had a dream once that I was in the school toilets (I fell asleep on my back because I was trying ti induce a lucid dream)

    And I was semi consious and noticed my body (phyical) turned over and logic kicked in and gravity was pulling me to the door.. I pised all over the floor 😂😂😂


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  • It's funny.

    You know how many people dream of flying
    or falling and such?

    I've never had that..

    Instead, I dream of breathing underwater
    swimming through the depths.

  • yes several times on;y to wake up again

  • I was falling in love in my dream. Does that count too?