Is there a psychological reason why a newborn baby girl would cry around every man except her father?

When I was a baby apprantly I was perfectly fine with any women coming in and picking me up, touching me etc. but if it was a man that wasn't my father I'd throw a fit. Is this a sign for something odd latter on in life?


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  • You would need a professional for that one - Women tend to be more natural with children and the father would be natural with his kids maybe feeding of that - In the long term haven't a clue - I wouldn't read too much into it - If you feel there is an apparent problem in your life today talk to someone about it - Don't try and self diagnose.


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  • We start knowing our mother and father from before we born. Everything we perceive begging from our mother womb. Those perceptions turn into emotions we feel and out of the womb we project them according to our personality that is 50% genetic and 50% influenced by the environment, so maybe your father talked a lot whit you when you were in your mother and you get to recognize his voice and emotions.

  • That's kinda odd

    • Yeah, I know. That's why I'm trying to figure out if there's something wrong with me.

    • Was your dad around a lot as a kid

    • Yes, he was.

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