Why are people so easily offended?

So I asked a question earlier on. I went anon for it.

I said that a group of "Indian looking people" had come into the form and one of them is snoring like a vaccuum cleaner.

Some guy calls me a jackass and asks why I included their ethnicity.

Does it matter if I did? Is it racist to do so?

Why are people so easily offended?


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  • Well would you have mentioned their race if they were white? It's like something negative happened and you have to point out their race just to make it seem like here doing something annoying just because of heir race. Why mention it if they just "looked" that way and you weren't even sure?

    Just guessing that's why the guy was upset about your comment

    • Of course I would have said a bunch of white guys!!

      Yes one of them is doing something negative, and yes I pointed out they were "Indian looking" but nothing was malicious.

      Even you're getting upset I did, how ludicrous.

      This is all PC shit really isn't it. People are too scared to be accused of racism so they don't speak up...

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    • Jesus dude I'm just saying.

    • Lmao wow

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  • its the feminist and the lgbtqq type people. black lives matter victim hood whining assholes.

    • Like I'm pretty sure if I said " a bunch of white people" came into the room, he wouldn't have reacted the same way.

      Fucking entitled wanker.

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  • People will get offended about anything you say sometimes.


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  • Hahaha "Indian looking people" just say brown
    It's not racist it's just not politically correct and ignorant since not all brown people are Indian.

    • Fuck political correctness.

      I should be allowed to have called them whatever. I wasn't racist and I wasn't antagonistic

      Fucking bullshit society.

    • Dude calm down.
      I'm not a fan of political correctness but sometimes it makes sense since sometimes people say really stupid shit.
      Just call them brown it's more vague and it doesn't make you look stupid.

    • You mug.

  • I'm offensive and I find this people.

  • People WANT to be offended, because it distracts them from the fact that they aren't actually doing anything praiseworthy or worthwhile with their lives. Fuck'em.

    • Check out the female users answers above. It's unreal.