What the hell is wrong with me?

I tend to think of other people's serious problems as my own, so everytime I hear something terrible happen to another person I cry because it pains my heart. Sometimes it pains me to the point that it angers me. So for example: most times I hear someone got cheated on, I cry. (Ect.) is this normal?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • To feel empathy to such a great extent that the injustices inflicted upon others feel as if they hurt you is not normal in my experience. But it is perhaps a gift. I sometimes feel sad or angry myself about certain issues, and it can seemingly at times sap the joy out of fiction or make it disturbing to read the news.

    It might be noted however that how you feel and how you act are two distinct things. You may or may not be able to prevent yourself from feeling sad or angry, but it seems likely that you do possess the ability to control how you act in response to it.

    You suggested in your comments to others that you felt perhaps that being irrational might just be part of you. That would seem like something of a defeatist attitude however. There is arguably nothing irrational in feeling emotion, rather rationality might be said to be in how you act either because of or in spite of that emotion.

    If you wish to act rational, it may perhaps not be easy, but certainly it can be done I think. Whenever you feel your emotions welling up inside of, you might try to calm your breath, steady it, still your motion (don't pace or flail around) and try to clear your thoughts as best you can. Try to perhaps calmly analyze your thoughts and your feelings, consider the underlying reasons why you may feel as you do, but from an objective point of view. It's probably best to avoid thinking about the specific circumstances that caused the emotional upset, but rather confine your analysis to yourself, and how you react in response to such situations.

    Again this may not be easy, controlling one's emotions often isn't, which might be why so many people fly into a rage or break down sobbing even as adults. But there are many who can and do control their own actions, however they might feel inside. And when you can control your actions and direct your emotions, at that point, it could be that rather than a burden your emotions will become a strength, helping you to empathize with others and to be a better person because of it.

    • That might work, I'll try that

    • Also this might sound a little silly, but when trying to clear your thoughts, rather than trying to just push the thoughts out, you could think of a flame (or a black void) consuming those thoughts within your mind.

      Again it may be a bit silly, but... it could perhaps help give you something to focus on while clearing your thoughts.

    • lol so basically, I should just pretend to push my thoughts into the darkness of my mind? Lol... Okay that sounds fun

Most Helpful Girl

  • It's Perfectly 'Normal' here, dear, when you are Someone who has this heart of Gold for the young and the old, and you Feel you Need to take on the weight of the world on your own shoulders, by lending an ear or Finding a Tear because you have a soft spot that is Rare and Unique and Very... Hard to find today.
    Good luck and blessings, angel. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence, for I know how you feel. However, with the way things are going today in these hard times, I have learned as well... Do not forget about Yourself as well.:)) xxoo

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What Guys Said 6

  • It's not normal or common but there is nothing wrong with you, I suffer from something different but on a much lower scale.

  • You're just a nice person... I think. Buy me pizza to prove it😤

  • NOpe that is not normal.
    Its the first time i ever heard about it and I don't know how to change that.

  • How do you make it out the door in the morning. If you catch the local news and watch 10 local murders, 2 lost children, a fatal car crash, SWAT swarming someone's house, etc. you'd be paralyzed... Stop being irrational... Start living life.

    • Being irrational is just a part of me I gues... I can't get rid of being like this

      I've tried

  • It sounds pretty normal for a girl during their teenage years.

  • You have probably above-average empathy.

    • I guess... And I hate it

    • Well it might suck now. But that's because you can't control it. As you grow and learn to set healthy boundaries and determine a stronger sense of self, your empathy will become an asset. Be patient with yourself.

    • That's true... Right now my hormones are kind of comeplety whack

What Girls Said 2

  • You're just very empathetic. It's a good quality

    • Indeed.
      Asker seems to overdo it a bit.

    • I overdo almost all of my emotions because they are whack

  • well that;s a bit too far.. of course we feel bad.. most of us feel bad even if that thing happened to someone else.. but crying for it... is too much..

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