I hate everything when I'm hungry?

I don't know what it is, but when I am tired/hungry I start getting repulsed by almost everything. When I am full, I'm not repulsed by most things.


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  • yeah i am grumpy on an empty belly too!

    • But you don't understand...

      When I'm hungry and I think of most foods...

      For example: grilled cheese sandwiches
      I think "ew, that's so gross! Who would even put cheese on a sandwitch that's disgusting and gross as hell and I would never eat it."

      When I'm not hungry: "grilled cheese sandwiches are okay"

      This happens with almost all foods I think about when I'm hungry

    • I go through the same thing...
      I look in my fridge and nothing appeals to me and I wait... And wait... And eventually settle for pb and j

    • Thanks for the MHO

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