How Come Showing Emotion Is Considered "Weak"?

We are all emotional creatures and humans are made to show different types of emotion based on how they are feeling. When I was growing up, my dad used to tell me to control my emotions of people would think I'm weak, and he was right.

When I was a kid, was friendly and easily excitable - people used to take this for a weakness and pick on me and I would get into a lot of fights. As a result, as I got older, I stopped talking a lot and I am very mellow and people say I never seem happy.

When I was a kid and I would get angry over something, people used to laugh at me for being upset and it used to make them happy. As a result, when I got older, I stopped getting angry around people. When I am angry, I never show it and people usually say I alway seem very calm in every situation.

When I was a kid and I used to cry, instead of feel my pain or sympathize, people used to take that for a weakness and start treating me differently... so I learned not to cry around ANYONE or show any sadness around people.

Basically, when I am around people, I am like a robot - Mono, rarely laugh, rarely smile, very calm, never angry and people can't get a reading on me and think I'm very confident. In private and around close friends, I do show emotion.

However, at work today, a client really ticked me off the phone. When I ended my phone call with the client, I just shared my annoyance with my co-workers... and now, they act like I am "unstable" with clients and a lose cannon and they are treating me differently.

Why is it so bad to show emotion around people?


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  • Because not many people are good listeners or sympathizers, or even don't know how to empathize with a person. If you are not close friends with co-workers they'll think you're annoying because im sure everyone else goes through it, and can't understand why you can't. Its shallow.


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  • I feel you, mate! I'm almost similar to you. It is considered 'weak' ONLY for men to show their emotions. Just another double standard of this stupid, hypocritical society. Men are 'expected' to be like robots, showing no emotions. Else they are considered 'weak' or 'not man enough'.

    But I don't give a hoot. It takes strength to display emotions, and I'm glad that I'm strong like thit! :)


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  • Just dont. You have to lock that stuff in you and never let it see the light. If you have a hard time with it, thats whats alcohol is for, get me.

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