What kind of Soap do you use to take a shower with?

I always have to use Dove. It smells good and its so soft with lotion in it.

  • (A) Dove soap
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  • (B) Irish Spring
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  • (C) Ivory soap
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  • (D) or other
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted D. I use Lynx shower Gels.

    Lynx Africa is what I currently have


    I like to use the Lynx Body Buffer because it scrubs at your skin which makes you feel like you are getting yourself cleaner. It also means any loose skin is scrubbed off and it feels nice to.


    Once I have had my shower I like to use the right deodorant to go with the shower gel.


    I am currently using the Africa sent but every so often I change to another one so I smell different. :) My prefer to shower in the morning, every morning before I go out because when you sleep you do sweat, showing in the morning allows you to wash it off and it does make me feel like I am leaving the house all clean which is what I like. :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I use Dove body wash. The moisturizers in it plus the smell make it the best thing I've used in a while!

    • Yessssss!! That's so funny I used the soap then I used the body wash I loved it. I feel in love it sooo.. Soft. I need to buy some more.😍😍😍

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    • You're welcome! Hope you like it! Thanks for MHO, too! :)

    • You Welcome hun 😉

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