Am I depressed? How do I cope?

Well first off I can't afford theraphy anymore, I work part time at mcdonalds that said I don't feel sad or suicidal per se. I feel like its not worth putting any effort in life cause I'm gonna fail anyway I'm ugly, been trying to get a better job for 3 years, started a business and went backrupt, have no money to start another business. I'm already 27 un married no kids, no friends and on top of that my family hates me.

I've gone numb from all this and I'm not really sure if its a bad thing. I just sit at home think "hey I need to aply for a job... but wait I'm gonna fail anyway" and just procastinate away.

I'm not sure on how to break off from this bad cycle and I just keep failing ervery time I try anything


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  • Your not ugly, you are so stuck on that why? why do you have to be perfect? You are by far good looking enough for it not to be a factor in your love life or your happiness... Are you trying to be an actor or a model or something, i just do not understand why your stuck on this again and again?

    • Hmm cause I'm not amazingly good looking an girls dont like me besides that it also hinders my job oportunities I'm not kidding when I say where I live looks are EVERYTHING. people dont like talking to you (yes even males) if you are ugly. and I get called ugly ALL THE TIME. SO if Everyone calls me ugly then I AM UGLY

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    • Sorry i am out of empowering words lol.

      Maybe get the hell out of that place.

    • I'm also considered ugly by US standards I mean girls on here call me "average" soo pretty much screwed there too

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  • Try looking at new hobbies, find groups where you cn talk to people and make new friends

    • Hobbies take money which I dont have... there's no such thing as groups of anything in puerto rico and people hate me lol

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    • So statehood would not help PR

    • well it really won't unless some US polititians keep the funds on wraps and keep a keen eye on how the polititians on this country handle the money and how the public jobs (police, Electric company, firemen ect) are hired... here they use those funds to create jobs for those who kiss they asses. over here we pay abput 40% of our checks in taxes of course this is not apparent if you look at it separately. electricity bills are outrageous here and the sales tax is 16% by itself

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