Is 24 a sexy age for a man?

Young still yet old enough to have money and knows what he wants. Let's assume he stayed in great shape and looks muscular and built.


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  • That depends on who you ask.

    • I would think the majority of women would like to say yes.

    • From the 20-24 age range probably lol
      I noticed 1-5 years is pretty much the majority of age range people date in without having a lingering thought of "is this okay" pop up in their head.

    • Yeah but I'm just talking about physical attractiveness. I would think an 18 year old girl would be more attracted to a 24 year old man rather than an 18 year man. Not talking about getting into a relationship.

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  • Definitely. I most people think both sexes peak in sheer physical attractiveness in their mid twenties. That doesn't mean they fall off a cliff - just that it's around the age that everything is grooving at the same time.

    • I don't know I think women get sloppy after 21-22 after college. Men age like fine wine.. Women really seem to have to work at it.

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    • Guys definitely don't universally age like fine wine! That's a huge interwebz myth! :)

      Guys who work hard on their bodies and luck out to keep their hair or have a face that works well with baldness may stay in their prime. A lot of guys I thought were sexy in my younger years now have huge potbellies and wispy heads. But it's the same with women. Working out and the luck of having good genetics make a difference. In your mid 20s, it's easier for everyone with the exception, maybe, of really thin people with high metabolisms, I would say.

    • I'm a bodybuilder I stay in shape. I feel like men definitely don't have to have that soft skin elasticity that women have. Women can't really pull off the sexy rugged look. Yes men lose their hair and like you said some of us have that great jawline and face to pull it off.. others.. not so much. Staying in shape and eating healthy does wonders. I don't think it is mostly genetics but mostly how well you take care of yourself. I'm 22 and wear a facemask everyday exfoliating.. then moisturize everyday with spf15. Guys can make fun of me all they want.. I don't care I want to look good well into my 30s.

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  • Yes it is and we'll only get sexier

    • Men age like fine wine..

  • For a girl it would be too :)

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