What are some of the funniest Generalizations you have heard about people?

What are some of the funniest but outrageous generalizations you have heard?


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  • The funniest ones I have heard are
    1. I'm mixed so I can't be racist
    2. Women fall in love faster than men
    3. Only people who date outside their race are open minded
    4. Women can not be homophobic


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  • 1. Only Whites and Asians can be rascist
    2. All men only want sex
    3. All women are controlling gold diggers
    4. All gays are flamboyant
    5. Anyone that doesn't support homosexuality is a religious bigot
    6. Women and Asians can't drive

    • Heard all of those, you dont even have to be gay to be flamboyant

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    • @questionman but it does not change the fact that you make ignorant assumptions about me after I clearly explained myself. It's like you don't even take the time to read. As for you attracting women, some women with low self esteem are attracted to douchebags so congrats on being a manwhore. Don't think you are special. You are not god's gift to women.

    • @iamyourneighbor Ignorant assumptions lol Your statements are all based on observations of a minority of men who happen to be at the bottom of the barrel. Your whole argument is based of misandry since you believe all men are jerks that only want sex. As for which women I attract you couldn't be more wrong. I go for women that are good enough to be with me, so they must have confidence, high self esteem, a good personality and above all a beautiful body. Calling me a manwhore is just laughable since I don't sleep around. I want to but I haven't found a girl that would be ok with an open relationship just yet.
      I never claimed to be a god's gift to women. I choose which women I find attractive and check to see if I am compatible with them.

      Enjoy being a miserable man hater. You can surround yourself with feminazis, ice cream and cats because with that attitude no man will ever want you.

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  • Oh man I have a lot.
    -Black people can't swim.
    -Black people like fried chicken, watermelon, fruit candies. and fruity drinks.
    -Black men are "gifted" down there.
    -All Mexicans are illegals.
    -Mexicans like cockroaches.
    -Mexicans only carry cash. No cards.
    -Asians eat spiders, dogs, cats, rats, etc.
    -Asian men have a "small" package.
    -Asians are in love with money.
    -White men are all child molesters.
    -White men like mass shootings.
    -Fat people are fat because they are lazy.
    -Skinny people are skinny because they don't eat.
    -Women only like men for money.
    -Men only want to have sex with women.

    I'm sure I can come up with even more.

  • Being a black American guy, the generalization that all black guys are somehow are a threat to your safety, is absolutely laughable!

    Anyone that knows me, know that someone being scared and afraid of ME is just silly paranoia. :-D

  • Black people fried chicken watermelons.