Guys in college, how would you view an upcoming freshman girl who's never dated let alone had guy friends?

Or in general what do you think? I rarely interact with guys and I'm a virgin which is self explanatory. I always get nervous around them and act like some confused puppet with incorrect body language and facial expressions; laughing / smiling way too much. Other times the pitch of my voice will change and I'll act like a loud whiny air-head. Or swear a lot to look cool (I seriously don't do this on purpose it just happens and I know instead it makes me look lacking for words). I think this is because I immediately like any guy who's nice to me since at lot of the guys at my highschool were dickheads. I can either be a people-pleaser when it comes to them or straight up ignore them out of fear of them not liking me as much as typical girls. I just want to be able to bond over things with someone of the opposite sex, play video games (ik, stereotypical), and talk about silly or deep shit with like "true buddies" haha. I'm afraid that whilst entering the college I'm attending I'll be an obvious oddball at parties or just in general since all my life I've been surrounded by women (which by the way I hate). I live with my mom and step-dad and I don't even talk to him / look him in the eyes when speaking although he's awesome because being around guys just makes me uncomfortable, man.


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  • a wonderful rare opportunity with a non hoe girl. thats why i see it. but i recommend eithre findig a same minded guy or wait after you've built a carrer. cause boys your age mostly look for easy sluts.