My father's behaviour?

My father is abusive. But, he's met this new woman and he keeps seeing her. He brings her to our house and she starts arguments with me and my brothers. She knows I do not want to talk to her but she went right up to my face and was being really cocky and I told her to get lost. My brother was sitting down watching television and she then sat in his spot after he left for a small while. He asked her politely to move and she refused to move. He then sat somewhere else and she said "Remember, you're a guest here, like your father said" or words to that effect.
Now my father knows we dislike her and she's just strange but he keeps seeing her. He walked out today and doesn't speak to any of us. He walked out with flowers for her (not a boquet, but just three small ones he picked from a garden bush). What's going on? Also, what can I do to help him because in my opinion, this woman is manipulative?


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  • Let him make his own mistakes. If you don't need his help financially, you don't need to see him.

    • Touche. It's just irritating because he is just so self-centred and denies being abusive.

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    • You can't make those decisions for him. He's going to do what he wants to, being an adult. You can choose not to associate with him (or her) any further. If he's abusive and she's manipulative, then they deserve each other, no?

    • True. As long as he doesn't harm me in anyway, I do not care. I just don't want difficulties with him any more.

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  • Move out is the best solution.

  • Are you financially secure to move out?
    If you're not, I suggest you to get yourself a job and save enough money in order to move out of your father's place. As for you disliking the woman he's seeing, I am sorry but you have no say in this matter. It's his own life and he can date whoever he wants.

    • This isn't a question of liking someone or not, this is a question of having two persons try to emotionally abuse individuals which is against the law where I live.

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