Could have I gotten a virus on my android phone?

So today I opened pornhub and I clicked on a pornvideo to watch it and something started downloading, I don't know if it was the video because I just clicked to watch it. As soon as it downloaded I deleted it, I didn't open it. After I deleted it I did scanned my phone with CM security and it said that my phone had no viruses. But I was stil scared so I did a factory reset... Could I have a virus or am I just overreacting?


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  • you can get a virus, yes. but you had to install it yourself (software that´s not in the playstore). it´s just a popup created to scare unexperienced android users and sell them their crappy anti virus software.

    • it works like this: your browser tells the the server of the site you visit what kind of device you use, so that the server can deliver the website tailored to your device in order for you to enjoy the content.

      pop ups can use that information to give your very advanced advertising. for example "your samsung galaxy s has a virus, protect yourself".
      now all the website knows is that you have a galaxy s... it can´t ever know if it actually has a virus on it or not

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  • You're overreacting.


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