I feel guilty for asking questions on here?

I mean, I really care about this guy I've been seeing , but I'm completely socially inept and have no dating experience. So I've asked questions many times on here about something he said to me or does with some detail. It's really because of my own insecurities and because he's hard for me to get a read on and I want to understand him, get input and advice from unbiased people, and overall just make him happy. My intentions were good but yet I feel awful? Like I'm betraying his trust even if it's anonymous? He's so reserved and quiet around me that I feel almost like any little thing he tells me is almost like a secret that he's trusting me with. But I'll get really excited or concerned about some things and ask other people for input. Is this wrong or am I just overthinking it? I just feel bad because he told me he trusts me.


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  • There's no need to feel bad. In fact, I think a man may be impressed that you're putting so much effort into trying to make your relationship successful. To a guy, it may show how much you actually care about him.

    • I do care about him- I just take my relationships seriously. It's just that some of the questions have been more intimate or detailed. I didn't even consider that he might not appreciate that- even if I do mean well.

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