Am I the only one that finds cooking really stressful?

I hear a lot about people saying that they love to cook and it's something that feel relaxing to them. But for me it's incredibly stressful. I can be just cooking plain old hashbrowns, sasuge, bacon, and toast and it feels like a race against time for me. I'm just in alert mode the entire time and I feel so relieved when it's done and I didn't burn anything.
I just can't relate at all to people that find cooking relaxing or fun.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • A.
    but only a little bit
    it helps to have some alcohol during it
    and keeping it short ala Zatarain's box meals, roasted chicken/potatoes

    Look into Panasonic's Genius microwave and some meals are just a push button away


Most Helpful Guy

  • Cooking never stresses me. You have to learn the tricks that helps you to cook within half an hour to one hour at the most (i usually do it in 20 minutes) while also having it tasty enough to eat (my friends often tell I cook tasty dishes, but whatever, I don't spend much time or effort to do it). Also, sometimes I cook a side dish in large amounts and use that for 3-4 days and just cook rice once a day (cooking rice barely takes any effort or time in a pressure cooker or electric cooker). Also, you don't have to follow recipes as hard and fast -- just experiment, randomly change the ingredients or the ways according to the available stuff and whatever is the easiest to do.


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What Girls Said 2

  • No, it is the opposite.
    Why do you feel it is stressful?
    Is it just because you are afraid you might burn something?

    • Yeah I'm always worried something will burn even though nothing ever does.

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    • No I'm mostly self taught for the most part and no one has said anything about about my food although I usually just cook for myself.

    • Then I don't see why it would be stressful for you. I think you just need confidence. Keep in your mind the things you told me so far: you are used to it, you have been cooking for 2 years and you taught yourself as well. Maybe read some cooking books to be reassured. Let someone who is more experienced & comfortable with cooking help you a few times to help you get rid of the stress and guide you in some steps. ^-^

  • No I love to cook.


What Guys Said 3

  • Try to calm down your mind when you cook (and not drink too much caffeine).

    I only cook when I am not in a rush. That's why I prefer to cook ahead of time, so I'm not rushing against a time commitment!

  • sometimes, if I am trying to cook to many things at once

  • I never cook because I can't cook and don't need to either, but it would be stressful, yes.