Would You Rather Be a Young Millionaire OR Work Until Retirement?

I'll be honest... I am 24 years old, college educated and I have a post-college job in a managment position. Despite all this... I am not truly happy with my life. With social media, you get a peek into the lives of people. Looking at young millionaires who have made their fame on Youtube or blogging... they are so lucky:

-They get to travel
-They get to really experience life to the fullest
-They get to go out whenever they want - since they don't have to get up early
-They get to sleep in
-A lot of othe perks.

After college, it took me 6 months to find a job... so I was essentially jobless for a while. During that time, I got a taste of that "millionaire lifestyle". Aside from job interviews, I was writing comics and books, going to the gym everyday, eating a lot healthier, got to sleep in, pretty much went out every night, travelled a bit, met a lot of interesting people and everyday was just a new adventure.

After I got a job... working was fun for a while, but now it's dull, and I miss that kind of freedom and lifestyle that those who have money... young millionaires have.

Would you rather be a millionaire at a young age and live that kind of free lifestyle everyday... or would you rather work for the rest of your life until retirement?

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  • I was worth about a million in my early 20's but i didn't let it be known or change my lifestyle. I'd rather have a wallet I could always reach into and find a 20$ bill than a big pile of money all at once.

    The power to choose is the greatest thing about wealth, it changes everything when you know you can just walk out of a job. Everyone senses they have no power over you and they treat you with respect because they can't get your cooperation any other way.

    I kept working but only jobs I like doing and traveled to live and work in other countries but I don't have expensive tastes in food or material possessions. The best thing money can buy is freedom.

    • How did you make that kind of money?

    • Started a business when I was 17 with some slightly older guys and sold out when I was 22. I found I wasn't cut out to manage people. It was about a million in paper (stock) and about 300K in cash. I bought a modest house, which I ended up renting out then selling because I was never there and had a few bespoke suits made (I'm oddly shaped and nothing fits me off the rack) got a couple antique cars (a 1953 Buick Roadmaster and a convertible '73 Eldorado) but other than that I just invested the money and lived off what I earned mostly. Like I said, nobody but my banker knew how much money I had and I liked it that way. I once overheard two people talking about me (this was when i was living in the UK. One asked the other if I was rich. "I don't know but he never seems to be short of a few bob".


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  • A lot depends on the job - If you enjoy it stick at it as for the millionaire lifestyle I have no interest in money.

  • I'd rather be a young millionaire. :(

  • more time to be with loved ones.

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