Anyone else a little POed when they raised the XPER points for Amazon?

It used to be 5000 XPER points to get and Amazon $20 gift card. Now its 7500 XPER points. I was PO because i was waiting to get 10,000 to get two of them. I think they should grandfather some of us. Especaiily those who have been here for awhile. I have been here since 2014 and i should of withdrew and I am regretting it. I know they were probably loosing money. An easier fix would not allow people to get AD free site until Guru level in my belief. ADs and volume to site is how they make money I believe but they also have a lot of employees to pay I get it but C'MON MAN!

Sorry its 7000 XPER points now


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    I remember the Amazon certificate costing 3000 exper points , then 4000, then 5000, now 7000. At each rise I lost $20 or so because I hadn't redeemed all my points in time. It won't happen again.

    • Moral of the story I should do it now?

    • Do the math...

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  • Well that sucks..:/


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  • Well they are running out of money and plus there are more users on here now so it would make sense they would increase the points supply and demand.

    • Do you know for factual that they are running out of money? The more users the better. More ads. Once you reach 7xper you get ad free Gag. They should change it when your a guru to make more money

    • Maybe their deal with amazon changed then I don't know to be honest

  • Not really. I don't care for the Amazon Cards, I didn't join GAG to try and earn them.

    • Neither did I. Its a way to payback the people who use GaG. Just like dividends a company gives to its share owners. We give them users they give us a gift in return.

  • I am too high of a level to see ads anymore
    We should be able to donate xp to help gag

    • I don't think GAG needs help tho. As I was signing in today, they promote to new users to join because of the Rewards and Amazon was on it

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    • You could donate to people who need the money on here?

    • Haha I thought of that!
      I might 😄

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