Is it a big plus if a guy lives on his own rather than his parents?

Say he was in his last year of college (20-21) and decided to move out with a friend or 2 in a house? Honestly is it more of incentive for a girl to be with/around him since it's convenient?(closer nearby, alone time, cooking/activities together, etc.) I know some girls will say no because its good to save money etc. but honestly if I was a girl id enjoy it a lot more if a guy was living by himself or friends.


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  • Sure, no parents to hear us banging.

    • lol i like the honesty

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  • It's ALWAYS a plus for a guy to not live with his parents, when it comes to dating.

    I live with my parents now after circumstances after I finished college, and based on the female attention I've received, I can't WAIT to move out again. My dating game is going to be FIERCE! ;-)


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  • I don't know. Most people my age live with their parents and if a guy lived alone it wouldn't matter to me, because we wouldn't be doing anything sexual anyway.


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  • From the social side and romance side living away from your parents a big plus but drawbacks creature comforts.

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