How do I get out to do things?

I have always been shy, but since I have graduated highschool, I am less shy. I am wondering what I should do to get out of the house and stuff since I have always just been a house sloth. by the way I also have graduated college, have a fulltime job now, but its at a small plant so there isn't really that much of meeting a large amount of people.


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  • You are saying you are getting less shy - I would say just let it naturally evovle - You will probably start to get interests outside the house and meet new people that way - Just be open to everything.


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  • Do something you enjoy. I like riding my board and cruising around town. Sometimes people compliment my board and it offers an opportunity to meet people and talk with them while getting some exercise. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of home?

    • I like to hike/explore areas, but I am usually doing that with my dad, but it probably would be interesting by my self too. Other than that I am not actually too sure what I like to do :/

    • That is a good start. Try figuring out the attractions in your town/city. Put yourself out there and you'll find it much easier shedding that shyness off. Best of luck to you

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