Girls can be boyish but guys can't be girly?

What do you think of this? A girl can be a tomboy and get like zero s**t for it, but if a guy wants to be girly, or even just wear that new pink top, they will get teased. Or at least, that's how it is when your are in high school. Are adults more mature in this way? I think that if you want to be someone you shouldn't get any s**t for being who you are. Sometimes I just wish I could be the opposite sex for just a day or a week or something and see what it's like. Does anyone agree that society should just stop for a minute and let people be who they are? Also I know that not many guys want to act like a girl, but still.


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  • It's an effect of a patriarchal society. Make is positive and female is lesser. You can be boyish but being girlish is negative. Even girl have to say "I'm not like most girls/ I'm not a girly girl" because being a girl and being a GIRLY girl are not positive traits.

    People are starting to be more accepting though. Ads with sensitive males and strong females, lgbtq is more accepted and more and more are feeling comfortable coming out as gay or bi or trans
    I think there are still more good changes to come in society :)


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  • Do you really care? I dont.

    • Maybe it's nt as big of a problem when you are an adult and are all mature.

  • I think it's really unfair :/ .

    • But isn't it also about how some girls view guys like that?

    • @CuriousEddie I guess it is... I'm not much better than the rest of them.

    • And I'm sure that there's quite a few girls who aren't feminine enough by someone's standards, and they get labelled as a 'dyke', intended as an insult. I don't think all tomboy girls are simply left to be who they want to be.