What to do with an old rotary dial phone?

I just dug up an old rotary phone in the basement today. The cord is cut but everything else is intact. What type of DIY project can I do with it? Any ideas?


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  • Save it for when the power goes out. It'll always run no matter how long the power is out. Never needs charged or plugged in.

    • Are you sure? Its from 1984. No cord because the wire is cut so it can't be plugged in the wall.

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    • If you have an old dial up modem, you can hook that phone up to your computer. I think you can do it with modern modems, but I'm not sure. With either one you'd have to put the connector on where it's cut.

      I'm not sure if the old dial up modem would interfere with the newer modem though.

    • alright! I may try to use it as a doorbell! Thanks!

  • Use it! Those phones are awesome!

    • I can't. The cord to plug it into the wall is broken so there is no way for it to work.

    • Then fix it! That is your DIY project.

    • I'll try. lol

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