To Christians, do you believe in the concept of Limbo?

Reading Dante's Inferno right now, this was the first layer of Hell. It's described as a pleasant place where all the unbaptized pagans and those who died before the coming of chris reside. But there's a hint of sorrow here as they are all still without God's love and embrace. Some also beleive this is where unbaptized infants go too who still had original sin when they died.

I remember learning about something like this when i was in catholic high school. Do most christians beleive in this? or no?

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  • I do not claim to know what happens to people after they die because my grandma always thought about others but was not religious since she was never exposed to religious teaching as a child or adult. I do not believe God would send her to hell but I don't know if she was good enough for heaven. I think salvation is more complicated then simply believing or disbelieving in God even though that has a big effect on where you go, if you don't believe in God but you believe in God's law or believe there is a higher power or that there might be a higher power - I believe you might be able to go to heaven. I don't know for sure though.


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  • Well actually there are different levels of hell and certian areas reserved for special or worse then usual sins such of the murder of children and blasmphey.

    No though we aren't sent to hell for things that we couldn't have stopped, predicted and that were otherwise completely out of our control. If we played a wiling part in something sinful though we will be held accountable for our actions.

  • Your religion is mean if you think infants go to the first layer of hell. That's just unfair.

  • Dante's inferno wasn't even a real vision of hell. His reasons for writing it were purely political.

    • Regardless though, limbo is still taught as something real in catholic schools. i take you do not believe in it?

    • No. I believe that someone going to hell for something completely beyond their control makes zero sense.

  • Dante's Inferno is a book that is not based in Biblical fact it is a work of fiction.

    • Regardless though, limbo is still taught as something real in catholic schools. i take you do not believe in it?

    • Nope I'm a Church on the way kid so I just study the bible mostly and I also used historical reference material. I don't suggest studying anything religious online because everything is only 10-20 years old with nothing making sure that it is accurate. Just look at 99% of Antsiest websites 99% of their logic and reasoning are extremely flawed and can be easily checked simply by reading the whole chapter or verse from the bible.