They look at me all the time, It's uncomfortable. But why?

I'm in high school and there's this group of guys that is super hot that always looks at me, I don't consider myself pretty or hot if I think about the other girls in my school that looks really freaking good. But always when I pass them, they stare at when I'm on the other side of the room (well not every guy then lol they are like 10 guys). But when I pass them it's so uncomfortable because literally every one of them stares and my friends said to me yesterday like "god how they stare" but I don't really see it sometimes because I don't look at them..

I find this as I said really uncomfortable and I don't know if something is wrong with me? Like maybe my looks. What should I do and why do you think they stare? Or why would you always stare at a girl that passes you.


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  • They stare because they find you attractive. Just like the song says "you don't know you're beautiful"
    They like you girl! :D feel confident


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