How to deal with phobias?

I have a fear of all animals except for flies. Mainly dogs.
I am terrified of the ocean and everything inside it.
How can I deal with these phobias.
The main ones I really need to deal with are the ocean and dogs... I can't be around a huge mass of water (even deep pools) or a tiny dogs without wanting to scream and pass out.


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  • Psych guys normally do something called desensitizing treatment, in which you are exposed to the phobia in small amounts and gradually get exposed to bigger amounts of your phobia.

    For dogs, start with looking at pictures of them. Once you are comfortable with the pictures, see a dog from a window. Once comfortable, then go stand outside where the dog is. Continue until you are comfortable enough to touch the dog. Same goes for water, start with a bucket and then progress to bigger masses of water.

    Take things at your own time and please do not try this all in one day. Space it out so that your mind has time to process the information. If you need to see a psychologist, please do so

    • I honestly don't ever think I will get over oceans.
      The photos are creepy , huge , dark and have sinkholes, lighting or the Bermuda triangle.

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