What are "normal" bartender clothes`?

what are "normal" bartender clothes? Im working as a bartender tonight and i have never done anything like that before, the closes thing i have done is being a waitress at a wedding.

Apparantly i can expect guys hitting on me a lot... so im not sure if wearing a black fitted jumper/top would be a good idea or a bad idea..


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  • You want to avoid "hitting". You have work to do.
    Black pants/slacks, preferably with a belt..
    Black flat shoes with a grippy sole that won't slip easily on a wet floor.
    Broad cloth button shirt, one size too big, long sleeves rolled, tail un-tucked, which will conceal your boobs and cover your butt.

    • so a normal t-shirt and a pair of black pants is a bad idea? i kinda want to avoid buying new things... i dont have any of those items you mentioned lol

    • I just gave you an ideal.
      Loosest tee you have. Should be dark so it doesn't show spills. Sports bra, not push-up.

    • fair enough ;)

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  • tshirt and jeans

    • a fitted tshirt or a loose one? The t-shirts i do have are technically too big for me, bur i have big boobs so it looks more fitted then it is... Should i buy a looser thsirt?

    • you could knot the bottom so they're more fitting on your wast. otherwise I think you'd look fine.

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  • I second what @VampireEmpress said. A T-Shirt and Jeans is bartender clothes.


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