When are people going to realise that Islam ISN'T a religion of peace?

Another day, another attack by some lone wolf Muslim guy.

The attack was luckily foiled by American men aboard a train heading to Paris from Arras.

Countless women, men and children would have died if weren't for these brave souls...

Yet there are still people who defend Islam and say that Islam has no involvement with it whatsoever... trouble is, it fucking does.

Why aren't we doing anything about this?


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  • Person not the religion

    • But the religion is allowing the person to cause these attrocities. They RELIGIOUS fanatics... I'm sure lots of them don't even have mental health problems. They just think it's the word of Allah. You can't just pull the "it's the person not the religion" card.

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    • The fanatics brainwashed them. And I never made excuses for that vile behavior.

    • No, I mean excuses about how Islam is a religion of peace and that it's the people not the religion.

      But anyway, think we're done here.

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  • www.quickmeme.com/.../...9936901e91fca4b335930.jpg
    I can already predict everything that's going to be said here:
    - "Don't judge many by the actions of the few"
    - "Then why are there so many Islamic terrorists and not that much of other faiths"
    - "You're just being misinformed by western media"
    - "How is the WM to blame if the terrorists proclaim themselves to be Muslim"
    - "Just because they say they are, doesn't mean they aren't"
    - "And what about you?"
    - "No, I am a Muslim."
    - ''But you just said..."
    - "But I'm a normal one. They are heretics."
    - "But they say they are the normal ones following Allah's path."
    - "No they are not."
    - "..."


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  • It's a religion that is VERY political. Spreading out arabic culture and speech was the goal. That's why you are only allowed to pray in Arabic. Because their god only understands Arabic. LMAO.


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  • It's so pathetic that some people like yourself still don't realize the difference between what a religion teaches and what someone who has happened to belong to this religion does. Bad people are bad people, if someone is bad & a Muslim, he/she would still be bad even if they were non-Muslims.

    As for the religion itself, Islam clearly prohibits killing innocent people, I mean I'm not sure who many times do we have to tell your likes that to get it in your heads.

    It's mentioned in the Qur'an: "whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors." (Qur'an 5:32)

    "Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes - from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly." Qur'an 60:8

    So what those people are doing is religiously wrong from an Islamic point of view.

    Islam doesn't teach violence, it doesn't teach to kill non-Muslims or to kill any innocent soul. It only allows self-defense in a very limited context.


    • The term "innocent" is not properly defined

      Technically for an Islamic, anyone who's not Islamic could be seen as "not innocent"

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    • Well screw Allah and Muhammed... Islam is a sickening religion. Nothing remotely peacful about it.

    • @asker Well, ok... I guess there's no point from talking to you, I can go on and on, explaining the verses in the Qur'an but you will not get that in your heard... That's fine, if you like to be an ignorant then it's not my problem.

      @mesonfielde you are keep on getting more and more pathetic and immature everyday, and I couldn't take you seriously anymore, you are nothing more than a loser with an empty life who keeps on lying and claiming things about Islam, and I decided to start ignoring your pathetic comments, but since you felt the need to come here and tell me your sad poor conclusion, just the other day you were talking about stoning women to death for not wearing the hijab in Islam... Just show me where does it say in the Qur'an or in the Sahih Hadiths... "Oh Muslims, stone women to death if they don't wear the hijab" ... Just show me where it does say that , I'm so curious.

  • "Another day, another attack by some lone wolf Muslim guy."

    The key word there is Muslim.

    If a Buddhist went on a killing spree, he's obviously not a Buddhist, because Buddhism doesn't allow the killing of innocent civilians.
    It's the same for Islam. Rules of lesser jihad state that you must not kill innocent civilians. Also, in order for a lesser jihad to take place, it must be agreed by the worldwide community of Muslims.
    If some guy kills a bunch of people and says he's doing it for his faith to justify it, are you actually going to believe him?

    (And no, I'm not a Muslim)

    • Let's be honest here... most terrorists are Muslim.

      If this guy in Paris turns out to be a Jew or Buddhist, I'll stand corrected. But come on man, I'm sure you know he's Muslim.

      The Quran has 109 verses promoting (often brutal and graphic) violence towards non-believers.

      Sure these verses are open-ended... but it leaves nut jobs like this Muslim the chance to radicalise.

    • *most terrorists SAY they are Muslims

      Modern Islam doesn't tell people to go around killing non-believers. I know people who are Muslims, and they are honestly some of the nicest people I have ever met, who WOULDN'T kill me because I'm not a Muslim. Most Muslims hate terrorists as much you you do, if anything even more, because they make them look like murderers, when really, they're just normal law abiding citizens. Just like you.

      If we're going to have a session on violent religions, lets not leave Christianity out! I mean, it is history's most violent religion anyway. Even if Christianity has killed all these millions of people, nobody seems to care.

      Just because that happened, I'm not going to walk up to a Christian and call them evil, because some power hungry Popes sent millions off to die, because MODERN Christianity is a religion of peace- Like Islam.

  • What the hell happened to just being a fucking crazy dumbass,

    • Think about it this way though... would they be crazy if they didn't have Islam?

      I'm pretty sure it's Islam that radicalised them and not the other way round.

    • I can say the same thing about every religion...

    • Yes, anyone to believe in or take any religion seriously is *technically* an "extremist":

  • Athiest alert. You dont have to contiue or try to answer the question i see muslims hang out with christian and vice versa.

    And sadly whats happening now any muslim crime happens anywhere they mention in the news as terrorists.

    May god protect all muslims.

    Terrorists had no religion

    And your an athiest or dam racist likes to talk shit.

    • Lol! Get mad.

      Sure, not all terrorists are Muslim but most terrorists are Muslim lol

  • You don't make friends with this question I think!!

  • Like ole boy said @YazanAA "It's so pathetic that some people like yourself still don't realize the difference between what a religion #teaches and what someone who has happened to belong to this religion #does." Umm, if I'm right, the same thing could be said for racist/bloodthirsty cops, right? I mean they were #taught "this in the police academy" YET in the real world they'll usually do something completely different "from what was written in the/their rulebook". Should we stereotype them/hate all of them? Probably not right? It's just a select few bad apples make the whole group look bad LOL #HopeIExplainedThisRight.

    • Thanks buddy.

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    • @YazanAA Fuck it.. welcome to life >_< HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Because they're a majority, so people are afraid to poke them. In fact, they give them special rights, special schools and special education where they can perpetrate their dehumanizing culture revolving around genital mutilation, the prohibition of arts, and "Sharia law". So that they don't learn too much about the world... it's a shame they also don't teach them empathy, to see other people as people. They're raised to be criminal. They're raised to be extremists from the start.