Does the one really exist?

One night I was in the French quarter at this trashy club honestly trying to make myself feel better about being a lone. I was feeling really sad so I walked down to a strip club. This is really out of my character so I went to the church in the French quarter said I was sorry prayed for a good girl to come into my life. The next night my brother brings home a girl he was helping to our house because she's was visiting New Orleans from a foreign country we didn't even know her. We ended up talking all night and fell asleep on the couch together. I take her out on a date she said meet me at the church then
went to eat I know she had a good time. She was also calling me a lot saying she missed me? I really like her and im sure she likes me. Im not in love but this all sounds so weird I feel like Gods telling me get her. Im not desperarte but never having a girlfriend is kind of getting to me finally. Im trying to look at her objectively and see what happens im not drooling over her or anything but I like her so how do I know if this is right or its coincidence but it looks like the signs are clear? Weird stuff like this happen all the time but I can't always tell?

She lives in turkey so it will be stretch but she said she wants to live in the United states so im open and just saying whom knows and I can fly anywhere because I have a discounts in tickets


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  • Try not to worry about whether or not she is 'the one'. Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason, and meeting them is meant to be. Doesn't mean they always stay forever... we should just enjoy every minute we have with them whether we get to keep them or not. You don't have to hold on to someone/something to love them. Just have fun getting to know her. :)

    • I feel you that's what I was doing but I can't keep thinking how strange the series of events were when I met her. now I have to see her go? Im sitting trying to enjoy the moment but in the back of my head im thinking did I just go to a church and pray for a girl and she actually came the next day. But I didn't get a head of myself and just enjoyed the present with her witch was great

    • Well if you do wind up together forever, that will be a pretty awesome story to tell. ;)

    • It would be pretty cool

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  • "The one" does not exist. Unless you're referring to Neo. All women are hypergamous and incapable of loving you the way you love them. That being said, you should still go for her. Yolo.

    • I was kind of worried she wants me for the green card but she's smarter more warm more femine and hotter and less materialistic than most girls I know but it seemed like she liked me im kind of worried because she said a guy friend is paying for a trip for her so she mAY be trying to level guys

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    • If it were me, I would have her get my rocks off a few times then ditch her. But you seem like you have morals, so I'll just inform you that she sounds like she is fishing for favors, and you should probably avoid her.

    • Yeah bro she's a virgin. She's Muslim so that shit doesn't fly. She's really liberal though she might do a one year stand but I doubt it. She said girls that have sex before marriage are butches. I wouldn't want to I want to wait till marriage and if she is not a virgin no man will marry her in her country. I think she's really horny though I can tell she loves when I talk about sexual stuff and says she really wants too. But she can't. I think she's a bad girl Underneath. because she's from a Muslim country she cAN't since we have freedom to choose maybe she's not really the typeo of girl to wait till marriage. But yeah I won't have sex till marriage

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  • Oooh a sign! Whatever you believe, she sounds nice, you should give her (and yourself) a chance at it. Just remember to have an open mind!


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  • Interesting story - Yeah I think soulmates exist and can be found in the strangest circumstances.