Does love exist?

ii dont believe it does after going through 19 years of life and being broke with nothing no family members no anything, i believe it does not and cannot exist. All of the women i tried to get with left me and I've done nothing but do my very best with what i have. i dont have parents so i have o get everything on my own and all my girlfriend complained about me not having a car or nice stuff and im trying i just got out of jail im trying to get a better life im trying to go to school but it seems like nothing is working and i can't find a job but when i get more money you females are gonna want me and i dont want that thats how i know love doesn't exist.


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  • Love exists, it is scientifically proven. You can search about it if you want.
    However, it should not be idealized as much as people do.
    It is not everlasting and it is not as pure as people claim it is.


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  • Haha, gotta laugh at your "19 years of life". That ain't nothing man.

    Sounds like you have a million problems. That sucks man, but when you work on yourself, girls will notice I promise.
    Don't worry about them, they'll come. Focus on you, get your life together. Make sure you have room in your life for a woman first.

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