Opinions on girl drummers?

Just for fun, Whats everyone's view on girl drummers. I am a girl and I am 5'4 and I play the largest bass drum in my school drumline. I get a lot of negative comments ( exspecially from guys) that because I am a girl I should not be allowed to play drums let alone the largest. But I also get a lot of positive comments too. So just curious what everyone things. Anyone else play drums?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I play the second largest in our band I give u HUGE props cause even the second one is heavy AF

    • We have 4 basses. And thanks. Props to you too. Drumline is harder than people think lol. I have bruises everywhere

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    • yeah the harness doesn't fit my waist so its constantly digging into my hip and it hurts like hell \

    • Yea. Harnessarnt really made for girls so as a short girl the harness dogs into my thighs and neve stays on my shoulders

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  • i think its nice.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yes girls who play the drums are attractive for sure , we had a girl from school
    who played the drums and she was awesome ,

  • Lady-drummers are super rad!


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  • I find it all attractive, music related :)