What is the weirdest thing you did as a kid?

The wierdest thing I did as a kid was everytime I got home from school, I would tell everyone (in the house) not to look and then take off all my clothes on the stairs. then I would take them to my room and change.


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  • I did a looot of weird stuff...

    Eat the bugs i would find...
    I would run and pass streets without look for the cars... and my family chasing me all day...
    I would steal a lot of things from different places... in the end of the day my pockets were always full...

    I was a weird one...

    • Lol I wish I was a kid again

      That reminds me... I used to stick spoons in the garden to eat dirt lol

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    • That's what most people say, But for some strange reason it just tastes... Interesting to me.

      What other stuff do you like the taste of that's weird?

    • I think thats it , i dont remember eating more bad stuff :p

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  • That list is pretty long. I guess one I can think of is. There is a picture of me and my sister when we were little. We were in nothing but our panties, drew all over our bodies with markers, Acting like we were native Americans.

    That or I would walk around the house with a shirt on and panties. Didn't like wearing shorts. XD


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  • I took showers with my twin sister until I was like 6 years old. It didn't seem weird at the time.

    • I guess kids think that's normal

  • Drew pictures of naked people when I was about 8 and it sort of turned me on
    lol Stupid kid

    • I Used to do that too :p and then I would show my Friends

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    • My friend would be like: "she draws naked people really good! Come see! *hands me a sheet of paper and a pen*
      I would say: "yeah, but I don't know if I can draw it as well as yesterday!"

      And then the person would look on as I drawed and we basically showed almost the whole class

    • lol easily persuaded to draw

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  • gave myself a hicky on my arm. I don't know y... haha

    • I tried that once but it didn't work

  • Me and my brother use to jump from couch to couch when we were kids, lol :P