Why are so many obsessed by the colour of a person? Why can't they view the person for the person they are?


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  • I don't think people are obsessed with skin color.
    People have a way of being influenced by the media. If a certain image is displayed as beautiful they are going to think that anything else isn't.

    Sounds ridiculous huh?
    Probably because you are an adult and can see there is no truth to that.

    but take a very young child who has yet to be molded. They grow up thinking that is the only beauty because images are not versatile.

    Environments plays a major influence as well.

    • I disagree, I think it is more engrained in beings rather than adhered through nature.

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    • My kid didnt' even know his skin color was different (ages 2 or 3) until it was pointed out to him.
      People are born as blank slates

      But although I don't entirely agree with your opinion I will respect it

    • Feel free to call me a flaming drongo, if you wish

      But, while i concede part of your view, I tend to see most of mine more. Even take the sexes, you sense difference from day 1... it is part of your instinct.

  • I think yoI've just been around the wrong people. They are ignorant if they judge on anything having to do with appearance or even, say, if someone had a thick Australian accent. Color doesn't matter to fairly good people.
    by the way my uncle is racist because he was bullied by colored people because he was white when he was a kid; to the extent of trying to commit suicide. I don't agree with his views but that's his reason.


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  • Perfectly reasonable question and the fact I don't know the answer, I will take as a positive.

  • Because either they think their lives will be better if they dated a certain race, full of self hatred, hate their own race and/or other races stereotype and generalize their own race and/or others

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