Why are guys absolute jerks online and irl and then cry about how women get all cold and defensive with them?

im just sick of this... just the troll thats been posting lately im sure youve all seen his questions... im just sick of it
constant bashing and degrading and belittling and a lot of crap for women and they expect us to be little butterflies with them !
are you serious? you think this crap doesn't scar over time?

im over it... its just pathetic


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  • Perhaps they had a rough experience with girls?

    Who really knows. ^.~

    Which posts are you referring to?

    • the ones i mentioned in the questions are the posts that are like "why are women more violent than men " why do women cause so much trouble at gatherings" " why do women eat so much"... stuff like that
      i saw like a rain of them...

      but generally there is a lot

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    • yea will try that :\

      by the way you answered a few of my questions and you are always nice and and you can get your point across without getting defensive or w. e :) thank you for that

    • It's my pleasure. ^.^

      if I can help even a little bit, perhaps turn
      a frown upside down.

      That alone, makes me happy.

      I don't get defensive, because I don't
      feel attacked, by the opinions of others.

      They're allowed their view. ^.^

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  • It's pretty simple

    Some people does not EQUAL "all" people

    Some @ssholes who just happen to be (black, men, women, etc.) does not mean that "all" (black, men, women) are @ssholes.

    Once you come to that realization, things like that won't phase you at all

  • I'm also an absolute jerk in real life, girls have it coming though so I don't feel bad. Or should I say I feel as bad as they do when doing it.


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  • not all of them.

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