UFO's: Aliens are actually demons? Evidence included?


This is the evidence no one is willing to talk about. This is what made me into at least something of a Christian as opposed to atheist.


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  • Interesting read.


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  • It is not evidence but it is a statement that I saw coming for long time. Not saying that this is true or not. But I think it's also important to see this from a different side.

    Ask yourself this: "What would happen to religion if during a live broadcast of a Football match a UFO would land inside the stadium and Aliens would walk out". I use this situation because it's a life broadcast watched by millions and there are at least 50000 people there to see it. Denying it would be impossible.

    It would turn everything upside. People would start to doubt religion. By saying they are demons religion can take some control back. That's why I expected this statement.

    Eventhough the bible does mention something like UFO's as far as I know it does not call them demons. So why doesn't it?

    Also why did we not hear this before? Why do we suddenly hear this now? Why were so many abducted people told they were crazy or ridiculed by the government?

    I would like to stand by this article but I feel it is much more about not wanting to re-write the bible.

    • Why do you suppose the name Jesus stops these experiences, and other than cases like these, researchers have concluded it's impossible to do so. There's a little more to things than the word "religion".

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  • LMFAO Whaaaaaaaat? That's the wildest thing I've heard tonight XD


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