Buying a new car?

I got a salaried job making a little under 40K because I was hired on by my internship. I was thinking of saving for 6 or so months and getting a pre-owned or new 2015-2016 WRX STI with a decent downpayment and I was wondering if you guys had some advice for me, it seems like a big undertaking. I live at home as I am still finishing college, so money should be easy to save in theory.


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  • well here it says it opens at $27.93k

    how much have u saved up till now if u don't mind tellin?

    • I have 2 grand at the moment towards the car. I was hoping to put down 6-8k, maybe 7 because ill need new wheels and tires right away for winter.

    • i see... do u think about gettin ANY car in general.. or just this?