Anyone here from Canada (not Ontario)?

I'm writing a myTake about Canada but since I've only been to Ontario and Quebec I can't really write about all of Canada accurately.

All I know about BC is that Victoria is the capital, Vancouver is the largest city, there are lots of Asians and marijuana.

That's pretty much it.

Anyone else here from Canada from any province or territory other than Ontario?

Your insight is much appreciated.



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    Currency is going down the drain.
    The liberals are kicking the can.
    They are spraying fake snow on grouse I heard cos global warming.

    And Russians... Russians everywhere.
    They just taught me "Cyka blyat suka"

    • You're from BC right?

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    • Russians lol
      I used to live in a Russian area it was lots of fun.

    • AHOY!
      Anyway , yeeeeees for the MHO.

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  • Your a Canadian & don't know much about your own country. What are they teaching in school now days?

    • I know about my province and Quebec since I've been to both.
      I know about Canada as a whole but I don't know much about the living conditions in the Maritime provinces, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

  • You could just write a take about the election.

  • Not from Canada, but I have been to a few places. I've been to Winnipeg (capital of Manitoba). I went with my family, we went to The Forks for sight seeing and farmers market. We also went to the conservatory at Assiniboine Park. I thought it was pretty up there. We went to the International Peace Garden, but that was mostly in North Dakota, USA.

    I've also been to Sault Ste. Marie, on both the Michigan and Canadian side. I don't remember much, except there was a lot of water and bridges I think. I was pretty young lol. I wish I could give better insight, but I've only seen the beautiful gardens and nature in Canada.

  • I am from Canada. (Alberta) to be exact. I'm from Calgary.

    • What can you tell me about your city and province?

    • Every year there is a Calgary stampede to celebrate calgarys culture. Alberta is the province for oil.

    • What is the culture there like?

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  • I'm from Victoria, BC and love to brag about the Winter Weather, being the only part of Canada that doesn't get Snow, because we're right down at the level of the Ocean which is Salt-Water. What do they put on roads to melt ice? Salt! It's also beneficial in the Summer because it prevents Mosquitoes from breeding in the city, as they can only survive around Fresh Water lakes, streams, ponds, etc. The only place in Canada where you can be out on the beach and not have to carry a can of insect repellent.

  • If you need a alberta oil patch view I got it