What do you think this tattoo means "And for you who left and took my life with you.. take me too"?

my sister got this tattooed on her chest , when I asked what it meant she told me to try to figure it out.
I don't quite understand
it doesn't make sense to me, it seems like there's something wrong with the sentence
Does anybody understand what it means?


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  • It's a memory tattoo for someone. She's sort of sounding a bit dramatic about it. It's a tattoo. She paid to have it on her skin, it's not like a mole you're staring at and she can't help is there. I'd break it down literally:

    For you who left me... (so either a partner who left, a broken friendship, or someone who died)

    and took my life with you... (they're heart is broken now since they left, so they basically took the life out of them when they departed)

    take me too... (either death so that they can be 'with them' or if it's just a physical separation, 'take me too' maybe means just that, to take them back.)

    She paid money to put a dramatic message on her skin. It's the same as when people put ominous messages on their FB wall and when questioned they say, "Oh never mind!!" She wants people to notice it, but it's personal. To me, I think whoever it is who is no longer in her life shouldn't tattooed on her body unless she just lost a child or her dog. But anyway that's my interpretation of the message and why I think she's acting like this. If you find out the real reason, update it here because I'll be curious to know what was so dramatic going on for someone to do this to themselves.

    • our grandfather just died
      maybe it's him she's talking about

    • Could be. If it is then I respect that when it's a blood relative. Condolences to you :(

  • its about god.

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