Potentially ever be something? is he holding back?

been talking with a guy for awhile- met last year through freinds ( he lives in fl i in nj but his family is here)
He initiated it first- Hit on me saying things such as one day you will love me, he sent me flowers etc Went to visit to help freind move in with him- Told me the trip was girlfriend recruiting trip ( didn't seem jokingly)
He was amazing ( treating me like a girlfriend, buying me stuff, holding my hand, kissing me calling me babe etc looked at houses and stuff while there. Said we will live there one day and all this stuff about putting up with him. didn't seem jokingly either. We went to a bunch of place with his freind stayed by me called me his girlfriend
Time to go home- We both didn't know what to call it. He said he wasn't ready for anything (freind told me he been cheated on befroe and doesn't trust easily)
Told him to trust me and he told me he will try and it will take time
i sent a thank you gift- he called me and said i was amazing and thanked me
We talk everyday through texts, facebook or snaps for the most part
Says things like Dear, sweet dreams, even said he missed me when they went somewhere one night we previously went to and sexual too lol
we talk about everything- going on trips, things he should buy like glasses, haircuts and what not ( he takes my opinions and listenes. told him how i liked his hair and he did it)
We had sex while i was there and we still talk-Not like he got what he wanted and that was it.
Friend told me doesn't seem like he's still ready for a relationship
He had sex with another girl ( from tinder) which i can't get mad about were not together and he lives in another state
freind said that he wants to build up his f-buddies.
Does it seem like he likes me still interested? Could he be scared of commitment since being cheated on before? Want to just have sex with bunch of people before h


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  • he's interested.

    • Then why is he having sex with all these girls or saying about building up f-buddy list?

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