What would be your biggest fear if you shrunk down to the size of a bug? who in your household would be your biggest challenge?

If this ever happened do you think survival would be impossible?


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  • I live alone as well so it would be natural predators I would be wary off.

  • My biggest fear of course would be getting crushed.

    • I don't know, I think crushed, as in getting stepped on, would be quick and no where near as bad or scary as giant insects or birds. Or what about being vacummed up or captured by someone and living in a jar.

    • Oh that's true.

What Girls Said 2

  • Every type of predators bigger than me, including spiders, centipedes and other bugs. It can't imagine how painful it would be to get eaten alive by them.

    • I can't imagine either. I'd probably be like being dissected alive by a huge, ugly, impossibly gigantic monster that overpowers u. And your tiny screams would never be heard from anyone as you'd be too small. Wouldn't that be so ook scary and sad? :( :(

  • A spider that sucks my life source while I'm still alive

    • Ewww. And that's pretty much how they eat, isn't it? You'd be stuck, probably like glued, in their Web as it goes to work in you?

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    • Absolutely

    • It's one of those many times where I'm like "Feels good to be human."