When people act different face to face and online?

so im getting to know this girl in my class, and she's different irl and online, and i find it a bit tiering to be honest. Because i dont know where i "got her". online she's more nice in terms of being more social and showing affection, joking around etc. She is nice irl, but she is way less talkative, and its harder to joke around and stuff.

I get that she might be a bit unsure around me or that she just one of those people that are more comfortable online.. But at the same time i never kow how to act around her or whats she's thinking,,,

I belive im the same online as i am irl for the most part, i might flirt a bit more online when it comes to guys but other then i act pretty much the same.

So i dont know what to do.. do you have any friends like this? should i just adapt to the situation or?


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  • There's no social anxiety , nervousness or shyness when you are online. It's easier.
    It creates a atmosphere for you to be yourself.

    I think the online person is the real her.

    She needs to work on that aspect in real life so people can see the true her.
    It takes time and work.


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  • This is completely common. Online allows a certain level of distance or anonymity.

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